Only God has 99.99999%, the rest of us can only aspire. The truth is yes you can increase your uptime, but at the cost of extreme complexity and excessive expenditure. One can only reflect on the various large companies, with hugh, extensive, multi-data center solutions, which still fail. Often the failures get them back the the 99.99% that the rest of us have, and that they could have had without the added expense.

Virtualization can help you get there. But like all solutions, there is no magic-wand that gets waved once and everyone lives happily ever after. Many technologic problems really turn out to be organizational issues. At the Digital Menagerie, we can show you how to better utilize what you have, tweek your policies and procedures, and make everyone moderately happy ever after (we said moderately.)

By deploying easily implemented systems, understanding your resource utilization you will be empowered to be able to make some real money-saving decisions. You will need to work with your customers(those nasty folks that pay the bills), but you will also be amazed to see how nice those same customers can be when you provide the same or improved service at the same or even less cost. Remember, we are talking evolution versus fossilization here.

At the Digital Menagerie, we can help you build a system from scratch or help you better use what you already have. We specialize in performance tuning and monitoring solutions and marrying those to improved in-house policies and procedures to yield more throughput at less financial and human cost.