Databases should be built of the people, by people, and for people. Design should be clean, clear, and as uncluttered as possible. What this translates into is a database that is simple and responsive for the programmers to get data into, a database that can be administered and tuned by the DBA, and a database that can generate the necessary reports with a minimum of fuss.

At the Digital Menagerie we have over 15 years of database design, implementation, and maintenance experience. From the small office to the enterprise, we have worked in various setting to help people better use and visualize their data, and to get the best use out of existing resources.

The only thing worst than no data is bad data! If you don't know you simply go find out. But what if the data is wrong, out-of-date, or redundant(which is the real record.) At Digital Menagerie, we have expertise in data translation, data cleansing, Extract-Translate-Load, and data de-duplication. We can help you put effective policies and procedures in place to minimize data errors.