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Komodo Dragon

The Digital Menagerie was founded on the premise that software and computer systems are human activities. Furthermore, that as humans we are part of the larger biologic universe around us. At the Digital Menagerie, we shamelessly borrow ideas from the biologic world. After all, if it's worked well for the last 700 million years, why reinvent DNA. Using precepts garnished from anthropology, primatology, sociality, ethology, sociobiology, herpetology, ornithology, and entomology(just to name a few), we take the best-practices and bring them into the boardroom and the cubicle-space.

Organisms go about their daily lives unencumbered by politics or economics. They live in the moment. By adapting many techniques, behaviors, and ways of doing things and applying this to both software and human engineering an enlightened, efficient, elegant, time-tested approach can be found.

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